The Monster is the sixth episode of the first season of the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS.


A frantic Jonathan looks for Nancy in the darkness, but Steve's looking for her, too. Hopper and Joyce uncover the truth about the lab's experiments.


Nancy is able to follow Jonathan's voice and escape the dark dimension to get back to the real world. The two go back to Nancy's house, and Nancy has Jonathan sleep in her bed as she is scared of the monster. However, Steve arrives and sees them sleeping together through Nancy's bedroom window.

Later, Hopper describes seeing a child's bed in the Hawkins Laboratory and a drawing on the wall. Hopper realizes he is describing Eleven's bed and not Will's, because Will was a great artist and the drawing was nothing but stick figures. Hopper thinks to himself he may have found another missing kid while searching for Will.

Meanwhile, Mike apologizes to Lucas at the urging of Dustin who tells Mike that best friends have to make up. The boys still don't know where El vanished to. El is in the woods where she slept on the ground. In a flashback, Brenner is seen telling El that she is going to make contact with the monster and that she doesn't need to be afraid because she monster can't hurt her.

In real time, El goes into a grocery story and steals boxes of ego waffles. El uses her powers to break the sliding glass doors, which leaves a trail for Dustin and Mike to follow in hopes of tracking her down.

Elsewhere, Hopper and Joyce try to track down Will, which leads them to woman named Terry Ives. Hopper and Joyce see Terry in a catatonic state, who only sits in front of the TV and doesn't talk. Terry's sister explains Terry was a subject in Brenner's testing and would take LSD and get in a sensory deprivation tank to "expand the mind".

Terry didn't know it, but she was pregnant at the time and was told she had a miscarriage in her third trimester. Terry believes her daughter will come back and have special abilities.

Jonathan and Nancy purchase weapons for monster hunting before they can go back into the woods. In an alley, Steve confronts Jonathan and Nancy about them two sleeping together. Nancy tries to explain it isn't what it looked like, but Steve doesn't listen. Jonathan and Steve get into a fist fight, leading to the cops appearing and arresting Jonathan.

While trying to find the gate to the Upside-Down, Lucas rides his bike and finds that true north lies within Hawkins Laboratory. Before Lucas is able to tell Mike and Dustin what he found, the two boys are cornered on a cliff by Troy and his friend. Troy taunts Dustin with a switchblade and threatens Mike that he will cut Dustin's remaining teeth if Mike doesn't jump into the lake.

In a flashback, El succeeds in making contact with the monster. She touches the monster's back, but the monster turns around as El screams for her life.

Back in the present, Mike jumps of the cliff and into the lake. Suddenly, he freezes in mid-air and levitates back to safety. El appears on the road and uses her powers to break Troy's arm before he can cut Dustin's teeth. As the bullies run away, El apologizes to Mike for opening the gate to the Upside-Down. El says she is the monster, but Mike comforts her, saying she isn't the monster because she saved him.

Mike and El hug each other, and Dustin joins in.