The Weirdo on Maple Street is the second episode of the first season of the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS.


The strange girl connects with the boys. Nancy attends a party. Hopper's investigation leads him to the lab.


After finding Eleven in the woods, Michael brings her back to his house for the night. Lucas thinks this is a terrible idea and suggests the boys tell Mike's mom right away. Mike points out that telling his mom about Eleven will just get them all grounded because they weren't supposed to be out at night looking for Will.

The next day, Michael tries to get Eleven to sneak out of the house and to the front door to make it look like she stumbled upon the house, and that way his mom can help. Eleven rejects his idea, as she doesn't feel like she needs help. Eleven tells Michael that "bad people" are looking for her, and that telling someone about her whereabouts will only make things worse.

The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 003

Eleven points to Will

Meanwhile, Joyce tells Chief Hopper about the creepy, static phone call she received. Hopper is reluctant to believe her story, but admits the charring on the phone from the surge of electricity is weird. Later on, Joyce heads to her workplace to buy a new phone and demand two weeks pay in advance from her boss. He shows some sympathy for Joyce after he realizes her kid is missing, and gives in.

The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 004

Eleven trapped in a dark cell

Back at Michael's house, Eleven notices a picture of the four boys and points at Will. She knows him, but just before Michael can ask more questions, his mom comes home. Michael rushes Eleven to hide in his bedroom closet, which freaks her out. A flashback is shown where Eleven is being dragged to a dark cell in the Hawkins Laboratory. Michael comforts her, and Eleven trusts him enough to close the door. Lucas begins to trust her too, as Eleven uses her telekinetic abilities to close Michael's bedroom door while Dustin and Lucas look on in astonishment.

The cops find a drainpipe in the woods which leads to the Hawkins Laboratory, and they believe Will might have crawled through it. This is possible, as Eleven uses the boys' Dungeons and Dragons set to show them Will is hiding from a monster.

The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 005

Joyce's charred phone

Joyce receives another creepy, static call which surges with electricity and burns her again. The lights in her house begin to turn on one by one, leading to Will's bedroom. Suddenly, one wall begins to move and take on some weird shapes. Joyce quickly runs out of the house and into her car, but later turns and goes back into the house.

This all happens while Barb, Nancy's friend, feels left out as the third wheel at Steve's party. Barb sits near the pool by herself, as the mysterious monster that took Will abducts Barb too.