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Benny HammondCastle ByersChapter Eight: The Upside Down
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Chapter Seven: The BathtubChapter Six: The MonsterChapter Three: Holly, Jolly
Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple StreetConnie FrazierDark Dimension
DemogorgonDustin HendersonEleven
Hawkins, IndianaHawkins LaboratoryHawkins National Laboratory
Holly WheelerJim HopperJonathan Byers
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The MonsterVale of ShadowsWill Byers
File:649c40e0-3499-0134-0660-062f3a35be5f. Demogorgan.JPGFile:Barb.jpgFile:Brenner port 01.png
File:Castle Byers.jpgFile:Chatbanner 001.pngFile:Connie.png
File:Connie dies.pngFile:Dustin Henderson.jpgFile:Dustin Henderson 001.png
File:Dustin port 01.pngFile:Eleven.pngFile:Eleven 001.png
File:Eleven port 01.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 001.pngFile:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 002.pngFile:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 003.png
File:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 004.pngFile:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 005.pngFile:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 006.png
File:Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 007.pngFile:Hopper port 01.pngFile:Image.jpeg
File:Inside view of Castle Byers.jpgFile:Jim Hopper.jpgFile:Jim Hopper 001.png
File:Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler.jpgFile:Jonathan Byers.jpgFile:Jonathan port 01.png
File:Jonathon Byers.jpgFile:Joyce Byers.jpgFile:Joyce Byers 001.png
File:Joyce port 01.pngFile:Karen Wheeler.jpgFile:Karen Wheeler 001.png
File:Karen port 01.pngFile:Lonnie 001.pngFile:Lucas Sinclair.jpg
File:Lucas Sinclair 001.pngFile:Lucas port 01.pngFile:Martin Brenner.png
File:Martin Brenner 001.pngFile:Mike Wheeler.pngFile:Mike Wheeler 001.png
File:Mike port 01.pngFile:Mr. Clarke.jpgFile:Nancy Wheeler.jpg
File:Nancy Wheeler 001.pngFile:Nancy port 01.pngFile:References to 70-80's movies in Stranger Things
File:Steve Harrington.jpgFile:Steve port 01.pngFile:Stranger-Things-Nancy.jpg
File:Stranger Things - The First 8 Minutes - Series Opener - Netflix HDFile:Stranger Things - Trailer 1 - Netflix HDFile:Stranger Things Art Poster 001.jpg
File:Stranger Things Art Poster 002.jpgFile:Stranger Things Theme "Epic Metal" Cover (Little V)File:Stranger Things titlecard 002.png
File:Ted Wheeler.jpgFile:The Bathtub S01-E07 SS 001.pngFile:The Body S01-E04 SS 001.png
File:The Flea and the Acrobat S01-E05 SS 001.pngFile:The Flea and the Acrobat S01-E05 SS 002.pngFile:The Flea and the Acrobat S01-E05 SS 003.png
File:The Monster 002.pngFile:The Monster S01-E06 SS 003.pngFile:The Upside Down.jpg
File:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 001.pngFile:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 002.pngFile:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 003.png
File:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 004.pngFile:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 005.pngFile:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 006.png
File:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 007.pngFile:The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 008.pngFile:The Vanishing of Will Byeers S01-E01 SS 001.png
File:The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 001.pngFile:The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 002.pngFile:The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 003.png
File:The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 004.pngFile:The Weirdo on Maple Street S01-E02 SS 005.pngFile:UzbxTR2.jpg
File:Will Byers.jpgFile:Will Byers 001.pngFile:Will Byers Stranger Things.jpg
File:Will port 01.png

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