Nancy Wheeler, portrayed by Natalia Dyer, is a main character on the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS. At first concerned with simple teenage high school issues, her world is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes, encouraging her to seek out the truth.


Nancy grew up in the suburbs of Hawkins, Indiana, born to Karen and Ted Wheeler. Nancy describes the reason her parents are married is merely to have an ideal nuclear family: she suspects they don't really love each other. As Nancy grew up, she became distant from her younger brother Mike and his friends, despite being close at some point. Nancy sparks a relationship with Steve and loses her virginity to him during a pool party. However, Barbara Holland vanishes and, like Mike to Will, tries to find out what happened with the aid of Jonathan.


Memorable Quotes

  • "Its not like that..."
  • "Steve! Steve Stop"


  • Nancy's old dress is worn by El and points it out later on.
  • Nancy suffers from brief flashbacks of the Upside Down, similar to Will.
  • Out of all characters that have physically entered the Upside Down, Nancy has spent the least amount of time there.